Welcome to the Parish of St Theresa’s, Queensbury.

Parish Priest:  Rev Bob Owens

CORONA VIRUS – St Theresa’s Church will be closed temporarily due to the health risks from the Covid 19 virus. Please see bulletin (and below) for full details.


We are able to continue to hold communal celebrations of Mass during the present pandemic ‘lockdown’ restrictions, it is important that we continue to look after one another and remain vigilant, especially given the increased transmission rate of the new Coronavirus variant. The use of face-coverings, hand sanitisation and social distancing (face – hands – space) remain the most effective ways to enable everyone to attend Mass safely. It is also important that we pay attention to the way we come to, and leave, the church building and premises. For this heightened period of the pandemic, and to maintain as healthy an environment as possible, all those attending Mass are encouraged not to gather outside but to leave as promptly as possible. Similarly, clergy are being advised to refrain from greeting parishioners when they arrive or leave. In doing so at this very difficult time, we not only treat one another with care and respect but give good witness to others in our community.


St Theresa’s – Closed temporarily but will re-open for Mass on Saturday 1st May 2021

St Bernards – Sunday – 10.00 am 

In addition St Mary’s will continue to livestream Masses via their website as follows:

Sunday – 9.30 am & 11.00 am

Monday – no Mass

Tuesday – 7.00 pm

Wednesday – 9.30 am

Thursday – 9.30 am

Friday – 9.30 am

Saturday – 12.15 pm


You can check all our Deanery Church opening times via the Deanery website link below